Download of the UDAS egg is here

2018/05/29UDAS egg was Born!
2018/05/14UDAS s3.00.1 was released.
2018/05/14Paper list was updated.
2018/05/11The analysis workshop was held on the International School on Equatorial and low-latitude ionosphere (ISELION 2018).
2018/02/15UDAS s2.00.3 was released.
2017/12/14UDAS s2.00.2 was released.
2017/09/07UDAS s2.00.1 was released.
2017/08/01The 4th 'Study of spatial and time variation of the upper atmosphere by data analysis'. (in Japanese)
2017/05/10New Website Came!


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Web-Service Type-A, Standardization Framework IUWAF, Analysis Software SPEDAS and IUGONET Metadata.

Workshop and Activity

List of Workshop, Analysis Session, and Internationl Activities.

Paper and Case Study

List of Papers and Latest Research.


Rules of the Road for using IUGONET products.

This project is supported by the Special Educational Research Budget (Research Promotion) [FY2009], the Special Budget (Project) [FY2010-FY2014] and the General Budget [FY2015-] from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan.