List of load routines for UDAS

UDAS load routines Observations data Institutes Photos/Movies/Docs
iug_load_smart Solar images obtained by the SMART telescope Kwasan & Hida Obs, Kyoto Univ. [Photo] / [YouTube] [UDAS] iug_crib_smart / [UDAS] iug_crib_smart
iug_load_iprt Solar HF radio spectrum Tohoku Univ. [Photo] / [UDAS]iug_crib_iprt / [UDAS]iug_crib_iprt
iug_load_hf_tohokuu Jupiter's/solar wide band spectral data in HF-band Tohoku Univ. [Photo] / [YouTube] [UDAS] iug_crib_hf_tohokuu / [UDAS] iug_crib_hf_tohokuu
iug_load_aws_rish Surface meterology data taken by the automatic weather station (AWS) RISH, Kyoto Univ. [Photo] / [YouTube] [UDAS] iug_crib_aws_rish / [UDAS] iug_crib_aws_rish
iug_load_blr_rish Boundary layer radar data RISH, Kyoto Univ. [Photo] / [UDAS]Boundary Layer Rader data analysis / [UDAS]iug_crib_iprt
iug_load_ltr_rish L-band lower troposphere radar data RISH, Kyoto Univ. [Photo] / [UDAS] iug_crib_ltr_rish_txt / [UDAS]iug_crib_iprt
iug_load_ear Equatorial atmosphere radar data RISH, Kyoto Univ. [Photo] / [UDAS] / [UDAS]iug_crib_iprt
iug_load_mu MU radar data RISH, Kyoto Univ. [Photo] / [UDAS, CRIB01] Middle and Upper atmosphere Radar data analysis / [UDAS]iug_crib_iprt
iug_load_meteor_rish Meteor radar data RISH, Kyoto Univ. [Photo] / [UDAS]iug_crib_meteor / [UDAS]iug_crib_iprt
iug_load_mf_rish MF radar data RISH, Kyoto Univ. [Photo] / [UDAS] MF radar data analysis / [UDAS]iug_crib_iprt
iug_load_wpr_rish Wind profiler radar data RISH, Kyoto Univ. [Photo] / [UDAS]iug_crib_wpr_rish / [UDAS]iug_crib_iprt
iug_load_ionosonde_rish Ionogram data taken by the ionosonde at Shigaraki RISH, Kyoto Univ. [Photo] / [YouTube] [UDAS] iug_crib_ionosonde_rish / [UDAS] iug_crib_ionosonde_rish
iug_load_radiosonde_rish Radiosonde data RISH, Kyoto Univ. [Photo] / [YouTube] [UDAS] iug_crib_radiosonde_rish / [UDAS] iug_crib_radiosonde_rish
iug_load_sdfit SuperDARN radar data NIPR; Nagoya Univ.; and other SuperDARN-related organizations [Photo] / [UDAS] / [UDAS]iug_crib_iprt
iug_load_eiscat EISCAT radar data NIPR; Nagoya Univ. [Photo] / [UDAS] / [UDAS]iug_crib_iprt
iug_load_eiscat_vief EISCAT radar data (ion velocity and electric field vectors) NIPR; Nagoya Univ. [UDAS]iug_crib_eiscat_vief
iug_load_irio_nipr Imaging riometer data at Syowa station, Antarctica NIPR [Photo] / [YouTube] [UDAS] iug_crib_irio_nipr / [UDAS] iug_crib_irio_nipr
iug_load_lfrto Low frequency radio transmitter observation data Tohoku Univ. [Photo] / [YouTube] [UDAS] iug_crib_lfrto / [UDAS] iug_crib_lfrto
iug_load_avon_vlfb Asia VLF Observation Network (AVON/VLF-B) data Tohoku Univ. [UDAS] iug_crib_avon_vlfb
iug_load_camera_omti_asi Optical Mesosphere Thermosphere Imagers (OMTI) all-sky imager data Nagoya Univ. [UDAS] erg_crib_camera_omti_asi
iug_load_asi_nipr All-sky imager data NIPR [UDAS] iug_crib_asi_nipr
iug_load_ask_nipr All-sky imager keogram data NIPR [UDAS] iug_crib_ask_nipr
iug_load_gmag_wdc AE, Dst, ASY/SYM indices, geomagnetic field data at the observatories (hourly values, 1 minute values) WDC, Kyoto Univ. [Photo] / [UDAS] iug_crib_gmag_wdc / [UDAS]iug_crib_iprt
iug_load_gmag_nipr Geomagnetic field data at Syowa and Iceland stations and from automated magnetometer network near the Syowa Station NIPR [Photo] / [UDAS] iug_crib_gmag_nipr / [UDAS]iug_crib_iprt
iug_load_gmag_mm210 210-degree magnetic meridian magnetometer network data Nagoya Univ.; Kyushu Univ. [Photo] / [UDAS]iug_crib_gmag_mm210 / [UDAS]iug_crib_iprt
iug_load_gmag_magdas_1sec MAGDAS ground magnetometer data Kyushu Univ. [UDAS] erg_crib_gmag_magdas
iug_load_gmag_stel_induction Induction magnetometer data from STEL, Nagoya Univ. Nagoya Univ. [Photo] / [YouTube] [UDAS] iug_crib_gmag_stel_induction / [UDAS] iug_crib__gmag_stel_induction
iug_load_gmag_nipr_induction Induction magnetometer data from NIPR NIPR [Photo] / [YouTube] [UDAS] iug_crib_gmag_nipr_induction / [UDAS] iug_crib__gmag_nipr_induction
iug_load_kyushugcm Kyushu GCM simulation data NIPR, Kyushu Univ. [UDAS] iug_crib_kyushugcm