Analysis Software M-UDAS

M-UDAS is an IUGONET original analysis software written in MATLAB, for Solar-Terrestrial Physics. This software can load observational data with one command, and can work in conjunction with MATLAB functions to perform analysis and visualization. Of course, you can compare and analyze various data by loading several data and creating stacked plot.

M-UDAS has useful features as follows:

  1. Automatic data download without specifying the data's location

  2. Data analysis without regard to the file format of the data

  3. Parallel display of different types of data from the IUGONET roject.

  4. Utilization of various analysis functions equipped in MATLAB routines (e.g., frequency analysis, filtering)

  5. Functions of output into an ASCII file or image files, equipped in MATLAB routines.


The installation and usage of M-UDAS are summarized in the following materials.

  1. M-UDAS manual for M-UDAS 2.00 (PDF, 284KB, English)


Please download below package, and install into your MATLAB analysis platform.

[Latest Version]

2.00 for CDF/netCDF (zip, 678KB)

[Release Note]

M-UDAS 2.00 contaions all the functions of M-UDAS 1.00, and addded new load fuctions for some kinds of radar data. Pleaase see the following release note for more details.

Release Notes

[Old Version]

1.00 for CDF/netCDF (zip, 663KB)

M-UDAS egg

M-UDAS egg (M-UDAS Easy Guide to Generate your load routines) provides users with the templates for M-UDAS routines that can load your own data files into M-UDAS platform. According to the document, the users can easily create the load procedure for their own data by modifying the template procedure (about 10 lines identified in this routine). It supports Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. It's easy to use!


The installation and usage of UDAS egg are summarized in the following materials.

  1. M-UDAS egg manual (PDF, 886KB, English)


UDAS egg is also included as a M-UDAS standard plug-in. Once you install M-UDAS, M-UDAS egg will also be installed. To update M-UDAS egg part, please download it by clicking links below, and extract and overwrite egg package.

[Latest Version]

1.00 for CDF/netCDF (zip, 663KB, M-UDAS Standard Package)


  1. M-UDAS and M-UDAS egg have been tested on MATLAB 8.5.
  2. When you use the IUGONET data, please check the data policy for each data set. The data use policy will be displayed in the console, when you load the data on MATLAB.
  3. Any analysis software can be used free only for academic purposes. When you use the M-UDAS and M-UDAS egg, please refer to the rules of the road of the IUGONET project.
  4. IUGONET do not take any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss caused by the routine you customized.