IUWAF (IUGONET Universal Web Application Framework)

  The framework of IUGONET Type-A (i.e., kernel) adopts the abstraction technique to be re-used for other fields. IUWAF can be applied to not only Solar Terrestrial Physics data but also sampled data and literature data. Actually, there are already some web services powered by IUWAF.

  IUWAF is a frame which has both the flexibility and the scalability. It can be regarded as , and the interior can be designed as users like. The users can develop very quickly the web service similar to IUGONET Type-A by remaining the main flowchart and modifying a few parts, such as input part (data format), how to save data (layout pattern), and output part (user interface). Lacking parts can be inserted and unnecessary parts can be removed. For example, it is possible for users to replace the analysis software "SPEDAS" used for IUGONET Type-A with other software. IUWAF has been developed by the collaboration between the IUGONET team and ICT companies. It has state-of-the-art functions and high performance, although the running cost is cut by thoroughly simplifying and slimming the system.

Background of establishment of standardization project

  As the government reported about so-called the fourth industrial revolution, reviewing and reviving the current industrial structure is important and imperative for Japan to lead the world. In science, it is also believed that the data-intensive science and interdisciplinary study are very important, as described in the fourth paradigm. It is required to quickly achieve results in both industry and science.

  We established the standardization project in FY2016. This project aims at standardizing all products, such as web service, analysis software, and peripheral components. The standardization and common parts utilization will be able to accelerate research activity.

Effect of the standardization project and future plan

  We have already started sharing of resources and know-how with the projects of our neighboring fields and realized faster implementation and lower cost. These activity made a close collaboration between the projects as by-product. The collaboration with other fields is promoting interdisciplinary study. We try to familiarize the standardization to accelerate the academic activity.

Use policy of IUWAF

IUWAF is a freeware that can be freely modified and used, but the following acts are prohibited:

  1. Redistribute IUWAF

  2. Use IUWAF for profit-making purposes. Get paid for the service from a third party.

  3. Damage the IUGONET project

IUWAF will be provided only when permitted by IUGONET.
Users need to confirm and accept the terms and conditions (there is a separate file).