Data Analysis Sorkshop

  IUGONET hold several domestic and international workshops on solar-terrestrial environment data analysis every year. We actually hold these workshop at the locales of conferences and meetings in Japan and business meetings, education schools and symposiums abroad, adjusting to these schedules. The IUGONET developers work as the lecturer, and introduce an analysis method to participants by dealing with several observation data and products. They further make an effort to develop human resources themselves, and take advantage of their voices to develop the product by directly exchanging opinions with participants. You can refer to the document used at the data analysis workshop from the following list. The workshop is held in business trip or online form regardless of the scale. Please ask the IUGONET members near you when you want to hold the data analysis workshop.

List of data analysis session


  1. Hands-on Session, 2015/12/18, Instituto Geofísico del Perú (IGP), Lima, Peru, *Analysis Workshop was Held.

  2. IUGONET Workshop, 2015/10/23, Lembaga Penerbangan dan Antariksa Nasional (LAPAN), Bandung, Indonesia, *Analysis Workshop was Held.

  3. IUGONET hands-on training, 2015/9/17, International School on Equatorial and Low-Latitude Ionosphere (ISELLI), Abuja, Nigeria, *Analysis Workshop was Held.


  1. UN/JAPAN Workshop on Space Weather 2015, 2015/3/6, THE LUIGANS SPA & RESORT, Fukuoka, Japan, *Analysis Workshop was Held.

Data analysis session DVD

We freely distribute DVD which records the contents of the workshop to applicants. Please ask the IUGONET members near you when you want the DVD. We also distribute the DVD during conferences and meetings. However, the language is only in Japanese.