2022/05/17UDAS ver5.0.1 was released.
2021/09/21M-UDAS ver2.0 was released.
2021/02/09Case Study 'EPP effetcs on Na in the Earth's upper atmosphere' was published.
2020/12/11UDAS Series 4 (for SPEDAS 4.1) was released.
2020/12/01Delay of data update due to system update
2020/09/10Analysis software "M-UDAS" for MATLAB was released.
2020/07/20Announcement of the "Use of UDAS egg as teaching material".
2020/05/20Announcement of the SPEDAS seminar as an alternative of the JpGU booth exhibition.
2020/05/11Announcement of the IDL seminar as an alternative of the JpGU seminar.
2020/05/11Summary page opened, "Support of science activities from the IUGONET project, due to spread of COVID-19 infection."
This project is supported by the Special Educational Research Budget (Research Promotion) [FY2009], the Special Budget (Project) [FY2010-FY2014] and the General Budget [FY2015-] from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan.