2019/02/05IUGONET Lecture at Polar Research Institute of China (PRIC).
2018/12/20UDAS egg 1.02 (for CDF/ASCII) was released.
2018/12/20UDAS s3.01.1 (for SPEDAS v3.1) was released.
2018/10/31Analysis seminar on the 15th International Symposium on Equatorial Aeronomy (ISEA-15).
2018/08/20Tutorial session on the 1st International Conference on Space Weather and Satellite Application (ICeSSAT2018).
2018/05/29UDAS egg was Born!
2018/05/14UDAS s3.00.1 was released.
2018/05/14Paper list was updated.
2018/05/11The analysis workshop was held on the International School on Equatorial and low-latitude ionosphere (ISELION 2018).
2018/02/15UDAS s2.00.3 was released.
2017/12/14UDAS s2.00.2 was released.
2017/09/07UDAS s2.00.1 was released.
2017/08/01The 4th 'Study of spatial and time variation of the upper atmosphere by data analysis'. (in Japanese)
2017/05/10New Website Came!
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