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UDAS egg was born [2018/05/29]

Load your data in SPEDAS/IDL. "UDAS egg" was born.

What is "UDAS egg"?

UDAS egg (UDAS Easy Guide to Generate your load routines) provides users with the templates for IDL procedures that can load your own data files into SPEDAS/IDL. According to the document, the users can easily create the load procedure for their own data (*1) by modifying the template procedure (about 10 lines identified in this routine). It supports Windows, Linux, and Macintosh.

*1 As of May 2018, It supports CDF (Common Data Format) and ascii format. We plan to support for NetCDF.

Details of the UDAS egg is here.

Details of the SPEDAS is here.

It's easy to use!

1. Prepare your PC in which IDL 8.0 or higher and SPEDAS 2.00 or higher (3.00 is recommended) were installed.

2. Download UDAS egg to your PC and copy it to the directory you want.

3. Modify the template step by step according to the manual.

4. Compile and run the modified procedure to load and plot your data.

5. Further, you can analyze the loaded data using many useful functions included in the SPEDAS.

Rules of the road

When you use the UDAS egg, please refer to the rules of the road of the IUGONET project.

Any update for the UDAS egg will be informed at the IUGONET website. If you find any bugs or other problems with our code, please report to the IUGONET development team. You can learn how to use the UDAS egg at the IUGONET meeting or other workshops.

Please note that we do not take any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss caused by the UDAS egg.

Rules of the road

IUGONET development team

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