Analysis software provided by IUGONET

IUGONET has provided two analysis software for Solar-Terrestrial Physics, SPEDAS/UDAS based on IDL and M-UDAS based on MATLAB. These software can compare, analyze and visualize various data, for example, observational data, simulation data provided by other projects as well as IUGONET handled-data.

Basic Package

The following is the basic package to read, visualize and analyze observation data. Please install according to your environment.

Functions (as of Sep 2021)
CUI OperationYesYes
GUI OperationYesNo
LicenseCUI Required / CUI Not RequiredCUI Required
Data FormatCDF, netCDF, FITS, ASCII etc.CDF, netCDF
Load IUGONET DataYesYes
Analysis (FFT etc.)YesYes (using MATLAB functions)
VisualizationYesYes (using MATLAB functions)
Original CodingYes (CUI only)Yes (CUI only)
Load unsupported dataYes (Application Template "UDAS egg")Yes (Application Template "M-UDAS egg")
Analysis Workshop SupportYesYes

Plugins (For Unsupported / Your Own Data)

These plugins can load unsupported data (your own data) files into analysis platform. Users can easily create the original routine by modifying the template file. (To use the plugins, you need to install the basic package.)

Any analysis software can be used free only for academic purposes.

Development versions of the software are available from github.