Data Analysis Software: SPEDAS

  SPEDAS (Space Physics Environment Data Analysis Software) is a set of IDL (Interactive Data Language) libraries that provides an integrated analysis platform for Solar-Terrestrial Physics.

SPEDAS has useful features as follows:

1. Automatic data download without specifying the data's location

2. Data analysis without regard to the file format of the data

3. Parallel display of different types of data from many satellite and ground-based missions, including IUGONET.

4. Utilization of various analysis functions equipped in SPEDAS (e.g., frequency analysis, filtering)

5. Output into an ASCII file or image files (e.g., PNG, JPEG, GIF)

6. GUI available for those new to IDL and SPEDAS

7. SPEDAS-GUI executable on the IDL Virtual Machine without a paid IDL license.

About SPEDAS (SPEDAS web site)


  IUGONET has provided a plug-in software, UDAS (iUgonet Data Analysis Software), for SPEDAS. Release Note

  UDAS is included as a SPEDAS standard plug-in. Once you install SPEDAS, UDAS will also be installed. To update UDAS part, please download it by clicking links below.

Latest Version

s2.00.3 for SPEDAS v2.00 (zip, 1MB, not yet included in SPEDAS)

Previous Version

s2.00.2 for SPEDAS v2.00 (zip, 1MB, not yet included in SPEDAS)

s2.00.1 for SPEDAS v2.00 (zip, 1MB, already included in SPEDAS 2.00)

s1.00.1 for SPEDAS v1.00 (zip, 1MB, already included in SPEDAS 1.00)

3.00.3 for TDAS v8.00 (zip, 1MB)

3.00.2 for TDAS v8.00 (zip, 1MB)

3.00.1 for TDAS v8.00 (zip, 1MB)

2.01.1 for TDAS v7.01 (zip, 1MB)

2.00.2 for TDAS v7.00 (zip, 1MB)

2.00.1 for TDAS v7.00 (zip, 1MB)

1.00.1 for TDAS v6.00 (zip, 1MB)

How to use SPEDAS/UDAS

  1. SPEDAS/UDAS Users Guide (PDF)

  2. You can learn SPEDAS using some documents (PDF files) used in the past workshops.


  1. SPEDAS and UDAS have been tested on IDL 6.3 - 8.3.

  2. When you use the IUGONET data, please check the data policy for each data set. The data use policy will be displayed in the console, when you load the data on IDL. It is also possible to search the data policy by the IUGONET metadata database.

  3. Some routines are dependent on ERG Plug-in (ERG Science Center: Please also install ERG-SC plugin if you manually update UDAS.


  1. We acknowledge the cooperation of the THEMIS Science Support Team in developing UDAS and the SPEDAS executable file on the IDL VM.

  2. Our software has been developed in collaboration with ERG Science Center.