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UDAS s2.00.3 was released. [2018/02/15]

UDAS s2.00.3 for SPEDAS v2.00 was released. The load procedure for the MAGDAS/CPMN magnetic field data at ICSWSE, Kyushu Univ, was newly added.

UDAS s2.00.3

UDAS s2.00.3 is a plug-in software for SPEDAS v2.00. It newly supports high-time-resolution magnetic field data obtained at more than 60 stations of the MAGDAS/CPMN magnetometer network, ICSWSE, Kyushu Univ. These data allow users to effectively study glabal geomagnetic phenomena.

Download UDAS s2.00.3

ICSWSE, Kyushu Univ

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